Audi A4 Performance Exhaust Systems Installation

Posted on 17 December 2013 by admin

Download Audi A4 Performance Exhaust Systems Installation – Original Exhaust System Removal Note: With a used vehicle, we suggest a penetrating spray lu-bricant to be applied liberally to all exhaust fasteners and al-lowing a significant period of time for the chemical to lubricate the threads before attempting to disassemble. 1. Lubricate all the hangers and rubber isolators. 2. Loosen and remove front flange bolts. (See Fig.1) 3. Loosen factory clamp bolts and slide clamp rearward. (See Fig.2) DO NOT DISCARD – this factory clamp will be used to install your new exhaust. 4. Support front pipe section with stand. Carefully remove rear muffler section from muffler hangars and remove from vehicle. Keep factory clamp. (See Fig.3) 5. Carefully remove front muffler section from hangars and remove from vehicle. (See Fig. 4) Borla Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System Installation 1. Install Front Pipe Assembly to factory flange using original hardware bolts. (See Fig.5) 2. Place factory clamp over Front Pipe Assembly. Insert Front Muffler Assembly into clamp and insert hangars into rubber isolators. (See Fig.6) Do not tighten clamp 3. Place provided clamp over expanded-end of Rear Muffler Assembly and insert pipe into Front Muffler Assembly. Insert hangars into rubber isolators. Do not tighten clamp 4. Check your exhaust for proper clearance under the vehicle and also for tip alignment. Once position has been determined to be correct, tighten the factory and Accuseal clamp 32-35 ft. lbs. torque. Tighten the flange hardware to 18-22 ft. lbs. torque. (See Fig.7, 8, & 9)

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