L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Systems for BMW E12’s

Posted on 29 December 2013 by admin

Download L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Systems for BMW E12’s – L-Jetronic System – L-Jetronic System – Throttle and idle control n Throttle opens to allow more air to sucked in to engine n Small amount of air bypasses the throttle so the engine gets air and will idle. Screw on side of throttle adjusts idle speed. n Auxiliary air valve bypasses more air during warm-up to compensate for thicker oil. n Air conditioned cars have another bypass valve that operate when compressor is running to compensate for load of AC. n Aux Air Valve DOES NOT control mixture. L-Jetronic System – Throttle and idle/WOT switches n Switches on throttle tell ECU what special position the throttle is in u Idle, off-idle, wide open throttle (WOT). u ECU has special mixtures for these two conditions •Idle switch is used for coasting fuel-cutoff on later models(E12 79-81). When switch is closed (throttle closed), fuel is cut until engine rpm drops below ECU specified value. •If idle is set too high, the coasting fuel-cutoff with cause the idle to cycle up and down as the ECU cuts fuel until idle drops below spec, then fuel resumes, RPM rise above spec and fuel is cut again. To test, unplug throttle switch or idle switch on units with separate switches. If idle is above spec (1400 for US 528i set it too spec and re-connect the switch L-Jetronic System – Air Mass Measurement n Fuel Injection System has to know mass of air n Airflow meter provides air mass flow information u Mass is calculated by volume (flow) and density F Need device to determine flow air • Flap on airflow meter F Need temperature to determine density •

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