1992 Mitsubishi Expo/Expo LRV Brake System Service And Repair

Posted on 27 December 2013 by admin

Download 1992 Mitsubishi Expo/Expo LRV Brake System Service And Repair – BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM BLEEDING PROCEDURES Bleed brakes whenever hydraulic lines are opened or pedal feels spongy. Bleed hydraulic system in appropriate sequence. Refer to the BRAKE LINE BLEEDING SEQUENCE table. On all models except Montero, Pickup and Ram-50, bleed system with engine running. BRAKE PEDAL HEIGHT & FREE PLAY 1) Separate connector from stoplight switch, and loosen lock nut. Position switch so it does not contact brake pedal arm. Adjust brake pedal height by rotating master cylinder push rod (yoke, if equipped) until distance from top of brake pedal, with pedal released, is within specification. See BRAKE PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS table. 2) DO NOT depress push rod. Tighten lock nut, and ensure brake pedal height is within specification. Start engine to evacuate brake booster chamber. Stop engine, and apply brake several times to remove vacuum from brake booster. 3) Using hand pressure, depress brake pedal to measure free play before resistance is felt. Free play distance for all models is . 12-.31″ (3.0-7.9 mm). If distance is not within specification, bleed system and check for misadjusted brakes. LOAD-SENSING PROPORTIONING VALVE (LSPV) Expo/Expo LRV Park the vehicle on a level surface. Remove any excess weight from the vehicle. Measure the spring length. If spring length is not within specification, adjust the turnbuckle until the correct length is obtained. Refer to the LOAD-SENSING SPRING LENGTH table in this article.

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