2006 Mitsubishi Front Axle Hub Assembly Removal and Installation

Posted on 29 December 2012 by admin

Download 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Front Axle Hub Assembly Removal and Installation – REMOVAL SERVICE POINTS <> CALIPER ASSEMBLY REMOVAL Secure the removed caliper assembly with wire, etc. <> BRAKE DISC REMOVAL If the brake disc is seized, install a M8 x 1.25 bolts as shown, and remove the disc by tightening the bolts evenly and gradually. <> DRIVESHAFT NUT REMOVAL CAUTION: Do not apply pressure to wheel bearing by the vehicle weight to avoid possible damage when driveshaft nut is loosened. Use special tool MB990767 to fix the hub and remove the driveshaft nut. <> SELF-LOCKING NUT (TIE ROD END CONNECTION) REMOVAL CAUTION: ● Do not remove the nut from the ball joint. Loosen it and use the special tool to avoid possible damage to ball joint threads. ● Hang the special tool with a cord to prevent from falling. 1. Install special tool MB991897 as shown in the figure. 2. Turn the bolt and knob as necessary to make the jaws of special tool MB991897 parallel, tighten the bolt by hand and confirm that the jaws are still parallel. NOTE: When adjusting the jaws in parallel, make sure the knob is in the position shown in the figure. 3. Tighten the bolt with a wrench to disconnect the tie rod end. <> DRIVESHAFT REMOVAL 1. Use special tools MB990241 and MB990767 , MB990242, MB990244, MB991354 and MB990767 to push out the driveshaft from the hub and knuckle. 2. Withdraw the drive shaft from the hub by pulling the bottom of the hub and knuckle towards you. 3. Hang the drive shaft on the vehicle body with a rope.

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