Porsche 996 Turbo Exhaust Installation Manual

Posted on 22 December 2013 by admin

Download Porsche 996 Turbo Exhaust Installation Manual – 1- Raise the Car with Floor Jack and support it with Jack Stands, please consult your owner’s manual if you’re not sure on how to raise the car with a Floor Jack. In general your Porsche has specific points that can be used to raise the Car, these points are located right in front of the wheels underneath the rocker panel. 2- Remove the rear taillights. 3- Remove the 4 screws on the top bumper retaining strip and remove the metal strip, remove the 2 top corner screws underneath the quarter panels at the end of the bumper, remove the 4 torx screws and 2 other screws underneath the bumper, pull out the bumper carefully and unplug the license plate connector, pull out the bumper. 4- Remove bumper beam by removing the 2 x 16mm Bolts and 2 torx screws that retain the heatshields. 5- remove the factory air box and unplug all 4 O2 sensor connectors located on the engine compartment underneath the tail lights unplug all 4 (2 per side), now unclip the wiring of the O2 sensors from there retaining clips, the O2 connectors should be now hanging below. 6- Remove the three 13mm Nuts that connect the headers to the Turbos and remove all 9 bolts that connect the header to the heads, pull out your exhaust headers. 7- Inspect the Head gaskets make sure that there not damaged, inspect the Turbo Gaskets they are round rings and made of metal if their stuck in the turbo flanges use a needle type tool to pop it out. Inspect gaskets for any damages, normally they should not be damaged and can be re-used,…

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