2004 Scion xB Power Steering Link Assy Removal & Installation

Posted on 21 December 2013 by admin

Download 2004 SCION xB Power Steering Link Assy Removal & Installation – OVERHAUL NOTICE: When installing, apply power steering fluid or molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease to the parts indicated by arrows (See page 51–17). 1. REMOVE FR WIPER ARM RH (See page 66–6) 2. REMOVE FR WIPER ARM LH (See page 66–6) 3. REMOVE HOOD TO COWL TOP SEAL (See page 66–6) 4. REMOVE COWL TOP VENTILATOR LOUVER RH (See page 66–6) 5. REMOVE COWL TOP VENTILATOR LOUVER LH (See page 66–6) 6. REMOVE WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR & LINK ASSY (See page 66–6) 7. REMOVE COWL PANEL SUB–ASSY (See page 55–42) 8. INSPECT CENTER FRONT WHEEL 9. REMOVE STEERING COLUMN HOLE COVER PLATE (See page 50–8) 10. SEPARATE STEERING SLIDING YOKE SUB–ASSY (a) Fix the steering wheel with the seat belt in order to prevent rotation. HINT: This operation is also useful to prevent damaging the spiral cable. (b) Put matchmarks on the sliding yoke sub–assy and the in-termediate shaft. (c) Loosen the bolt, then separate the sliding yoke sub–assy from the intermediate shaft. 11. SEPARATE STEERING COLUMN HOLE COVER SUB–ASSY NO.1 (a) Disengage clip A and separate the hole cover sub–assy No.1. NOTICE: Be careful not to damage clip B. 12. REMOVE HOOD SUB–ASSY 13. DRAIN POWER STEERING FLUID 14. REMOVE FRONT WHEELS 15. SEPARATE TIE ROD END SUB–ASSY LH (See page 30–6) 16. SEPARATE TIE ROD END SUB–ASSY RH HINT: Perform the same procedure on the other side.

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