Toyota 5S-FE Turbocharger Installation Instructions

Posted on 26 December 2013 by admin

Download Toyota 5S-FE Turbocharger Installation Instructions – 1. Identify each part listed in the parts list. Dry fit pieces to understand how they go together. Be sure all required parts (clamps, hoses, etc.) are included before starting. 2. Inspect engine for leaks, specifically oil and coolant. If any leaks are found, try to fix these before performing the installation. 3. Disconnect negative terminal from battery. 4. Drain coolant. 5. Drain engine oil. Keep drain plug handy for reuse later in step 10.a. 6. Remove air cleaner box. a. Remove air temp sensor from air cleaner box. b. Secure temp sensor to any convenient spot using wire tie. c. It just has to read ambient air temperature. 7. Remove exhaust manifold assembly. a. Remove the six bolts and manifold upper heat insulator. b. Remove O2 sensor. c. Remove the two bolts, two nuts and three way catalytic stay. d. Remove the six nuts, the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter assembly. 8. Install turbo oil feed. a. On the drivers side, front of the cylinder head is the oil pressure sensor. b. Remove the oil pressure sensor. c. Install the oil pressure tee, in place of the oil pressure sensor. d. Install the oil pressure sensor into the straight side of the oil pressure tee. Be sure to use a high temperature sealant such as RTV to seal the threads on the tee and oil pressure sensor. e. Test fit the intermediate pipe with the tee in place. Also, be sure the oxygen sensor connectors will fit before fully tightening the tee. f. Reconnect the oil pressure sensor wire.

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